Is poor time management hurting your business?

Is poor time management hurting your business?

Are you frustrated because you would like to grow your business, but there are never enough hours in the day to do so?

Are you stuck doing too many mundane tasks, that you just don’t have the time to concentrate on growing and improving the business?

Are you short of time and money?

Do you find that you are constantly short of money in your business – the debtors just don’t pay on time, and the suppliers insist on getting their payments promptly? Meanwhile, items such as rental and wages must be paid, and you are often being called upon to invest even more money into your business?

Many small business owners and managers suffer from this problem – shortage of time and lack of money. This results in you being forced to spend too much of your time “plugging the gaps”, instead of having the time to grow the business and increase your profits.

Do you manage your time properly?

Are you able to decide what the more important tasks are which require your personal time and attention, and which less important tasks can be delegated to others?

Do you make the most efficient use of your time, or do you first tackle the jobs that you enjoy doing, rather than the important tasks that need to be done in order to grow your business?

Do you know how to delegate?

If you want to grow your business, you can’t do everything yourself – you need the assistance of either staff or some specialist sub-contractors. You need to decide which are the major roles that you should be doing yourself, and which are the less important ones, that you can delegate to others.

How I can assist you

Efficient Business Planning – I will help you to create a business plan, so that you can decide what the main goals and directions of the business are, and what are the major tasks that are necessary in order to achieve these goals.

Correct Allocation of Time – You can then allocate your and your staff’s time more efficiently, so that you can maximise the benefit that you will achieve. Your talents and your staff, should be used correctly, so that you can grow the business, while also improving your sales, your profits and your cash flow.

Improving your Productivity – Having operated my own successful businesses, I understand how a business can benefit substantially through improved time and resource management.

I will help you to improve your own productivity through efficient time management, so you will then be able to concentrate on the major tasks that will bring the most value to your business, leading to improved productivity and profits.

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