Tips to help Manage your Staff

Tips to help Manage your Staff

Are you an effective team leader?

Operating your own business and also controlling the staff, is often compared to being like the conductor of an orchestra – everyone is playing their part, however sometimes the musicians are not keeping up to the beat, and the music sounds out of tune! Who is to blame – usually it is the Conductor – not the Musicians?

Are you Spending Too Much Time on Staff Issues?

Spending too much time solving staff issues, instead of being able to concentrate on improving and growing your business and your profits? Many owners and managers find that successfully managing staff can be one of the most frustrating part of running a business.

Are you managing your staff, or are they Managing You?

As a business owner or manager, your major challenge is get you and your staff to play “the same sweet music”. In order to achieve this you need to ensure that your “players” are happy and motivated, as well as competent and well trained, so that you can all operate effectively as a team.

Staff Turnover – a wasted growth opportunity

Have you had to terminate the employment of a staff member because they were not performing their job well enough?

Do you have members of your staff choosing to leave your employ?

Pay or salary issues are rarely the real reason why people leave their jobs – often it is just because of poor staff management by their manager.

Each time you lose a staff member the costs of replacement and the time taken to train the new person impacts on the quality of your business, as well as your profits.

Is Your Business a Great Place to Work at?

As a business manager, you need to know the factors that impact on staff turnover rates, and understand what motivates your staff and affects their productivity.
If you want to run a successful company you need to realise that people are your most valuable asset and to achieve success you need to have efficient staff management policies and processes.

Improving your Staff Management

I can show you how to implement staff management processes that will positively impact on all areas of your business, that will benefit both your employees and your business. These include:

  • Recruitment & selection
  • Job descriptions
  • Staff training
  • Working practices
  • Rewards & recognition

The benefits for you would include reduced staff turnover and saving on staff retraining costs; improved staff loyalty; and increased productivity.

The Benefits of Employing and Retaining the Right Staff

I can show you that by improving the way that you employ and manage your staff, you can improve the overall quality of your business, and how it can result in increased performances and profitability.

Find out more by contacting Barry Spanger today.

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